NAG supports Manchester Airport on Trial

On 24 May 2010, 17 people shut down Manchester Airport to demonstrate opposition to its proposed expansion which would see two family homes being demolished. They were arrested that day and their trial begins next week. Network Action Glasgow supports the brave action taken by the protesters and has sent the following message to MAoT:

Network Action Glasgow express our support for the 17 people who stood up to the aviation industry at Manchester Airport on Monday 24 May 2010. While airlines enjoy tax relief on fuel, our households are being hit by a hike in VAT rates and fuel costs; while aviation shareholders toast their profits, our communities endure noise and air pollution in our doorsteps; while airports expand, they swallow our neighbourhoods and destroy our homes.

Our communities bear the worst of the aviation industry while having least access to its products; both airport expansion and climate change disproportionately affect women, people of colour and the poorest in society. We appreciate and stand in solidarity with those who took action against the expansion of Manchester Airport and the devastation it continues to wreak on our local and global communities.

If anyone else would like to express solidarity with the activists, you can email manchesterairportontrial[at] with your message or learn about other ways to support them here.


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